Open-Air Screenings

Openluchtbioscoop creates extraordinary film screenings beneath the heavens. On a city square, harbour, dike, or meadow, a characterful outdoor location turns any film screening into a spectacle. And whatever the location, Openluchtbioscoop is there to create a technically optimal projection on the big screen.

An open-air screening is the ideal summer event for a broad public, and Openluchtbioscoop rises to the challenge of a special project. You’ll find some inspiring examples in the portfolios outdoors and special events.

Wageningen - Torckpark - 2013

Wageningen – Torckpark – 2013

Dependent on location, Openluchtbioscoop offers various solutions for outdoor projection, with screens varying in width from six to twenty-six meters, all with DOLBY stereo sound. We even offer drive-in cinema, with stereo broadcast to every vehicle.


Drive-in cinema with truck