FilmTechiek bv was founded in 2006, though our activities date back to 1987 when Dick Moesker was one of the initiators of Stichting Openluchtbioscoop at Filmhuis Delft. The organisation of open-air film screenings was combined with other activities such as providing technical assistance at film festivals and special indoor screenings, and from 1997 these indoor activities moved to a separate division: Dick Moesker * Projectietechniek. From providing film projection at festivals, we expanded into festival ticketing, which in 2004 split off to form another sister company, FestivalTickets bv.

In 2006, the activities of Stichting Openluchtbioscoop and Dick Moesker * Projectietechniek were reunited in FilmTechniek bv, which merged with Martin Broekhoven Film- en Projectietechniek in 2011. Having specialised in video for several years with Stichting Openluchtbioscoop, Martin Broekhoven had left to start his own company, and it was partly due to Martin’s expertise that FilmTechniek was able to convert seamlessly to digital projection.

But throughout all this, we are still known as Openluchtbioscoop—the name we continue to use for our outdoor screenings.

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